Missing 27 BAT. 53From Ads, Only 26.5 accessible

should I ever expect to see the remaining 27 tokens? It says I was awarded with 50 some but could only tip 26 before I hit the bottom of the balance. I am using the latest update of the browser.

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Same issue here, don’t expect it to come back I guess …

They don’t pay more attention to Mobile users :pensive:

Hi there, see this thread for more info about late/incomplete payouts. Your account likely falls into one of the two scenarios mentioned here: Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion. We’re happy to answer any further questions!

It doesn’t belong to any

Take a look at the picture, 53.0 bat was earned from Ads, and 26.0bat was tipped so where’s the remaining one that was not tipped?

The balance shows 0.5 bat

Will the missing bat return?

Yes or No?

No reply as expected so that’s a no

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