Mismatch payment and earnings

In July Brave rewards stated that I earned:
Jul 13 - Ads rewards received - 2.000 BAT - 1.13 USD

But looking at my UpHold wallet I only see a deposit of .25 BAT in July and no other deposits. When should I expect to get the payment of the 2 BAT

How many Rewards wallet connected to your Uphold account?

Screenshot may help.

Screenshot may help

And another screenshot of your Rewards balance from Rewards panel or brave:rewards

Thank you for the reply. I have attached the images. But also I noticed in June I should have received .75 BAT but only received .54350 as well. I have attached those screen grabs as well. I have only 1 Wallet attached to my rewards.


First, if you have a verified wallet (Rewards wallet connected to Uphold), then Rewards Summary from brave:rewards should show “No activity” as it’s handled via Uphold activity/history, CMIIW.

As Rewards Summary only show wallet activity for unverified wallet.

So my best guess is it’s from other Rewards wallet previously connected to your Uphold.

cc @Mattches @steeven

Did you not see a correct balance in your Rewards wallet? I asked this before :point_down:

Sorry about that is this what you were wanting to see?

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

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