Miscellaneous topics


sorry for my english, if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask more explanation.

I have used Cent browser many years, but it’s no more developed, so I have to change browser…
As you know, it has many more options than other browser (very much), and migrate to Brave seems to limit my


I have three kind of request.

  1. Technical features that are present in other browser.

  2. Aesthetic features that are missing in Brave.

  3. Technical features not even released in browsers…


I have extensions used in Cent or Opera for years.
When installed in Brave some said: “this extension COULD BE damaged” (you are not sure!).
Or an extension is damaged or is intact.
Why it’s impossible to activate it, an verify if is good???
It’s a non sense.

Another extension say: "This extension is not in the store and could be installed without your permission.
If I have installed it, it’s OK, otherwise I can disintall it.
Why it’s impossible to activate it, and use if I have installed it???

Is better a message where Brave ask if I want use it, and activate under my responsibility.
(If I need that extensions, I will use another browser…).

There are users with old computers (me too).
Unsupported OS don’t update certificate.
In Cent there is the option "Skip certificate verification (NOT RACCOMENDED).
This bypass the controls and show the web page.
Moreover, it automatically bypass the warning pages with invalid HTTPS.
Why don’t you insert this option?

I know, you claim Brave is a secure browser. A developer could need an insecure browser.
You loose anyone who need different requirement.
Why is not possible to choose if use a secure or insecure browser?

There are two options: keep cookie or delete cookies (on exit).
If I have an account, I want keep my site cookie and delete (on exit) the other ones.
Why is not possible to save a white list on exit? (I have to use an extension like COOKIE AUTO DELETE).


Orange is my favorite color, but in Brave it’s… strange…
Why is not possible choose a color to have a different interface (ex. blue)?


I have two profiles, one for general navigation, one for my accounts (mail, homebanking etc).
You claim Brave is a secure browser, why isn’t there a password to access this profile?
What do you do to avoid anyone to steal my data opening my profile if this is a shared machine?

There are many VPN extensions, whe these disconnect, i leaks my data…
You claim Brave is a secure browser, why isn’t there a killswitch (at browser level) to break my connection

when the target server is changed?

Why don’t you release a fully native portable (even with extensions) release?
Cent Browser and Opera make it!

These are the first impressions about the Brave use…
I hope you follow my suggestion to make Brave a better browser.


P.S. I love Shield. But the limitations of extensions prevent me to use this browser…