Mirroring Samsung Phone to Windows PC

So i recently decided to try and load up the Samsung DEX software to connect the phone to a windows PC. Whilst everything went smoothly, whilst using the Brave browser through my windows pc, The browser really didn’t like re-sizing the app window, and would appear blacked out and flicker continuously. The only way to solve this was to close the browser and start again, but keep it small on my windows pc. (the size of a mobile resolution i assume).

This issue can be reproduced when third party apps mirror the brave browser on different devices.

More versatility and flexibility in the resizing of the window size.

Latest one for android from google play store.

Additional Information:

Try opening your Shields panel and changing the Fingerprinting setting to All fingerprinting attempts allowed, then see if you get the same results when resizing the window.

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I have changed the fingerprinting settings on my laptop browser, and my mobile browser, from your instructions.

As you predicted, everything works fine, very smooth re-sizing and no glitching or blacking out.

Thanks very much for your help!

EDIT!: After ten minutes of use, it resorted to the exact same issue as before. I have taken screenshots of what it displays on the mirrored phone display. Whilst the browser app window is black, you can not re-size or anything, unless you close it. None of the home or navigation arrows/buttons seem to work at all.

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Can you share the exact model of the Samsung device as well as an image of what the app looks like when it is functioning properly (before it goes black)?

Sure, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 Model number: SMG960F. Running android version 10.

I managed to capture it working ok with different sizes. I only got this phone 3 weeks ago. Total storage: 64GB, Available space: 45.2GB, System memory 11.5GB. I wouldn’t assume im asking the app to work overtime so it’s baffling.

Please see the various images below.

Image 1: You can see with the homepage it works smooth, no issues at all. Same applies with the brave settings or rewards section.

Still working at full screen mode.

Testing further re-sizing options to stress it out.

tried amazon again, you can see the lighter grey box in the top left, that was when amazon loaded ok at that size. I resized it and it crashed Brave browser again.

Managed to select home button from amazon page, and it loaded duck duck go fine. However, when i tried re-sizing it again it didnt like it.

Thanks for your time to review this, I can understand its a nich issue and probably not the most important, but i feel its helping the browser progress.

After trying to leave duckduckgo, the browser stayed black and so i exited Samsung DEX software.

Sorry for the long response.

For what it’s worth, it seems like other users are having similar issues with Samsung Dex and Chrome – would you mind running a test and see if you get the same results using the Chrome browser?

Okay, so i installed the latest update for google chrome from the play store. I then loaded up DEX without changing anything on the chrome settings, leaving everything as default except for my sync settings it asked me upon initial loading of the app.

Once DEX had loaded, i proceed to open chrome through that with nothing else in the background. (Same as i did with brave) the picture below shows you it working fine at the default window size.

So i begin to try and crash it. Using methods that Brave didnt like:

So, I couldnt crash it from just re-sizing, so i tested them side by side. Using amazon as a control.

Still ok, i begin resizing them both to equal sizes as shown below:

Amazingly it seemed brave decided to work as i was asking, until i noticed something crucial. By this point my phone had auto-locked and the display was off. Noticing this, i couldn’t help but notice that it has a VERY OBVIOUS IMPACT ON BRAVE, but not Chrome.

Knowing that brave was increasingly unresponsive i pressed on to continue testing by asking each browser to carry out the same request in turn whilst my phone was locked.

I clicked on full screen button on the top right of Brave first.

I then minimized brave knowing it begun its blackout moment, and repeated the same request with chrome:

Chrome went full screen with no issues as you can see from the snippet.

I decided to unlock my phone and try Brave once more but instead of full screen, i re-sized it with my phone unlocked:

To my surprise it looked like I found the issue, so i decided to re-lock my phone and try it once more to make sure. It was indeed directly linked. I resized it by half, then enlarged it back to the previous size. Causing the right space to go black.

I left the window at the same size, and instead of unlocking it to go to a web page, i clicked the homepage button and thankfully it resolved my black square issue, like i had mentioned before. The home button seems to refresh the browser back to normality.

After going back to the homepage, i exited DEX knowing how to get around the issue.

hope this helps you and the Brave team solve the issue!

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