Minus points of Brave browser

I am temporarily using Windows 7. Here I tried to install Brave browser. But I couldn’t. showed some errors. Then I tried a solution through Brave Posts. After that, I had known that Brave browser doesn’t work with Windows 7

The 'Brave" browser is one of the latest trend browsers.
it is rewarding its users for their browsing habits. It also has some minus points like 1. not supporting too many countries. 2. difficult to restore rewards if it has happened any errors or mistakes with OS, software, or browsers. 3. Not support an older version of Windows 7 etc.
I wish Brave browser want to manage or solve these types of minus points.
Thank You.

Windows 7 is an obsolete OS. It was launched in 2009, 14 years ago. And it was replaced in 2012. It is no longer supported by MS since 2020 and it is susceptible to malware and security exploits.

You should really consider upgrading your system.

Wrt Brave, it is a modern browser based on Chromium. Definitely, it is not, and should not, be supporting archaic systems.

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