Mint triggering Paypal log-in issue in brave

This is a weird one.

I use a free budgeting site called It tracks all of my spending by linking to my credit cards and banking accounts including paypal.

It took me a while to notice the connection but everytime I log into my Mint account, I get an email titled “Stay logged in on this trusted device” for a “desktop firefox.” I don’t have/use a desktop and I never use firefox. Initially I was concerned about hacking so I’ve changed my password and turned off trusted device status. Despite doing this, I keep getting the same exact email.

I log into this site on a daily basis. So beyond being a concern from a security standpoint, it’s pretty annoying to get so many of these emails and have to worry about whether or not it means anything.

I’ve contacted both paypal and support and neither seemed to be able to figure out why this could be occurring except for suggesting it’s the browser I use. After logging into mint on my phone and on other browsers on my laptop, I’ve confirmed that it is only logging in on Brave that causes this. I’ve made Brave my primary browser so I’d like to figure out how to resolve this glitch.