Minor Annoyance - Dragging Tabs to a New Window


Absolutely love Brave, great work by all involved. Thanks to the team and community!

I have one tiny annoyance, and this will only bother a small fraction of users but I wanted to air it out because otherwise Brave for my purposes is perfect.

I use a Wacom tablet rather than a mouse, and when switching tabs in brave it is very easy to accidentally drag the tab just enough while ‘clicking’ that Brave thinks I want the tab in a new window.

If the sensitivity of this dragging could be reduced so that a user has to put a bit more movement into it to make a new window it would stop me ending up with multiple Brave windows and constantly having to re-dock the tab from the new window back into the window it was previously in. I must be doing this 20-30 times a day at the moment.

I realise this is a very self-centred request and not high priority in any way - just wanted to raise the profile of us graphics tablet users.


Hi @helloitsme,

Thanks for reporting! I also apologize for the inconvenience.
There’s an issue logged for this, but likely it’ll not be fixed for the current Brave. :frowning:

But this will be better in the Brave rewrite version that will moved to Chromium front-end. And likely we will need to wait until this version released. More info about Brave 1.0

Thank you,


Wow, thank you, and apologies for starting a new thread over this - my bad.

As you can tell I’m an average user!

Look forward to this being addressed at some point. Keep up the great work.


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