Miniplayer For Brave

Brave Browser Must Have An Miniplayer
Edge/Firefox/Opera Has This Kind Of This Feature
So Im Watching An Youtube Video And I Go To The Next Tab And Brave Doesn’t Have An Miniplayer So I Need To Switch Tab So I Can Watch The Video.

Miniplayer For Brave Browser Is Really Helpfull So I Can Keep Watching.

Hi, Brave does have a miniplayer feature. When you’re playing a video and go to a new tab, if you look near the top right of the browser there should be an icon that looks like 3 lines with a music note. When you click on it, there is a button that let’s you watch videos in a miniplayer in other tabs and even outside of the Brave browser. Hope this helped!

I Know Brave Has An Miniplayer But Its Actually Not Good /Edge/Firefox/Opera/Vivaldi Has One Of The Best Miniplayer But Brave Actually Use The Google Chrome Miniplayer.