Minimum payout for people who watch ads

Hi. I want to know if there is a minimum payout for the rewards we get watchting ads?


I don’t think there’s a minimum. First time I used Brave Browser I only got .3 BAT… I think. Still, I got paid and was transferred to my Uphold Wallet.


I had 0.1 this last month and yet are not transferred. While the next payout is moved to 6 April.

I got .4 and still waiting that why

@rolak @BlackHitama I see. Try waiting for another day. The payout for February is March 6 not 5. I noticed that before. Anyway, try waiting for another day. I usually get the payout the following day. Probably because of time difference.

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@TeotiX as mentioned in my edited post in my reward page is showed already the date of the next payout (6 April). Then there is even another anomaly. In my brave rewards there is the amount 0.1 but there is nothing at the place of ads. See your self:

I will wait. Is Belgium supportee or not?

Yes @BlackHitama. See here:

From the picture you posted, having 0 notifications mean you didn’t get any Brave Ads from the start of March. Am I correct?. Ad notification received this month always reset to 0 at the start of the month.

Anyway. Like I said, try to wait it out the following day.

This number (0 ads) was there all the February. And even the 0.1 Bat.

For sure will wait. Even because there is nothing to do other. :slight_smile:

Hi @BlackHitama - there is a minimum of 5 BAT for a payout to process.

@steeven But my balance got from 0.5 tot 0.3. What happend with 0.2 bat?

And my 0.1 was disappeared too. My balance gone from 0.1 to 0 and 0.1 is gone. No problem for the 0.1 but must be a bug.

Why is there a payout minimum in the first place? Brave is trying to minimise banking costs? Just asking…

I got my BAT. It was 0.2 BAT so there isn’t a minimum

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