Minimum BAT for verifying mobile

Hello, the minimum BAT for verifying your android is still at 25 BAT like in the days, BAT was like 0,20$. I think this amount should be changed/removed, as it is definitely to much currently. I use my mobile very frequently, but i only earn like 3-5 BAT/month (normal payout, nothing to complain about it), but this means i would need to earn like 9-6 months till i am able to withdraw it.

Thanks for your time.

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If you have a laptop/PC transfer the BAT to your Laptop/PC and Connect an Uphold account that is verified to withdraw your BAT.

this didnt verify my acc but thanks, didnt knew this feature. :smiley:

how can i transfer my bats from android devise to desktop verified wallet?
can someone explain
i have android devices that are not verified but i have a desktop brave wallet that is verified and connected to uphold is there a way i can send bats from android to desktop wallet without involving publisher account ?
@Ikram @itsandremov

it seems i was forgetful and thought this feature was for all devices but, sigh its only for ios

again i have found another work around, Min transfer for BAT Creators is 5BAT and that is what you have so u could transfer it to ur laptop by making and verifying a creator account…

yeah if u wish to pay 5% fess everytime this is ok
every tip u send to a creator is 5% less

Has anyone done this successfully?

yes you can create a publisher account and connect it to your uphold channel and tip there and every month once you will receive payment in uphold,
BUT minimum payout per channel is 5BAT
you need to pay 5% fee on every tip, that means every time you tip yourself you lose 5%.

yes its possible but if i remember correctly, this is against their terms of service.

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