Minimum amount for creator channel?

I have a verified uphold account and a publisher account linked to it.
i have received uphold payments in the past several times but now the issue is after last December 2020 i have not received anything even though the balance is 13.35BAT which is more than 5BAT.

for current period:-
i have a github account linked which has a tip of 5.7BAT shown.
next i have a youtube channel that has a 3.8BAT shown.

the tip on youtube channel is stucks and never resets.

the total does not match to the account balance.


Do i have to get more than 5 BAT tip on each channel for the payment of that channel to be processed or do i just need to get a total of more than 5 BAT tip
As it just says minimum balance for payout is 5BAT but is it for every channel individually or collectively?
steeven Mattches eljuno Aa-ron
can anyone please help

Hey … i think the min. 5 bat lvl is for the individual account.

So the YT channel is below the 5 bat min. lvl.

Once it gets above the 5 bat min. it should be paid out.

But again im not 100% certain … but i think thats how it works.

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thanks for a response :smile:
do u think the difference in the total and the channel tips is also because of this ?
so should i continue receiving tips on this account because i felt something was wrong.

As for the total not matching up to the tips, im not sure.

Since *my *last payout there was a period where new tips were simply added to the allready transferred amount, took awhile to correct.

if u subtract ur latest payout from the now shown total, does it then match up ?

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no i don’t think so
but no problem i will get a tip of 2-3 BAT in my YouTube channel to verify if i get paid in the next cycle then maybe things will get resolved.
i don’t know why does the YouTube tips don’t get reset because i am sure i have not received any tips on that channel in this cycle. Its been the same since 2-3 cycles and the total is also mismatched since then .

not yet received the may creator payout
but i am pretty sure it wont match, i have been seeing the mismatch from before receiving the github tip last month.

Well … as for the mismatch im at a loss then, but im fairly certain that once ur YT channel reaches the 5 bat limmit, it will be paid out.

I myself have only one connected channel, i had an issue with payout in general but it was taken care of by steeven :partying_face:

Annyways … if YT reaches 5+ bat and still doesnt payout, hes ur goto guy.

Hopes for the best

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great thanks for your help
i will get a tip of 2-3 BAT this month in the youtube channel and lets hope everything resolves on its own.
the main problem was that i have just 5.7 in github and substracting this from the total balance makes youtube tips to almost 8, so i was worried.

if steeven could just check the exact distribution of the tips and if the total is even correct or not

i will just wait for the may payout and see what changes in the balances first :sweat_smile:

Ure welcome … hope things work out well 8)

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Hi @botroy,
Payouts are still in progress, but for your situation you should get paid for GitHub but not your youtube. You need a minimum of 5 BAT per channel.
I’ll close this thread for now - if you don’t get your BAT after payouts are done, please open a new topic.