Minimum 5 BAT for payout

can anybody help me about this minimum 5 BAT for payout ,supposed to be is my first payout because currently my balance is zero.

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I don’t understand your question … before you had Bat there and now your balance is 0 or is it the first time you use it and you want to know how to earn Bat?

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Hey I think, he thought he will be paid seeing payout progress banner.

dude @rikph, all the users will get this message whether they’ve any bat or not.

As you don’t have any bat yet, you won’t be getting anything for this payout period. soon that payout progress banner will be gone.

Note: To get paid by the Brave team from publishers account, you should need at least 5 BAT in your account. Then they will consider you as an eligible person to get payout for the respective month…

Hope you understood what I mean.


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