Migration ubuntu 18.10 --->>> 19.04

Hello, friends!
I really hope for your help.
I had the Ubuntu 18.10 operating system installed and the Brave browser was installed in it. One fine day, the Linux graphical interface stopped working after updating the proprietary video card drivers. I copied all the folders including the home folder from the linux operating system to a separate hard drive. Next, I installed ubuntu 19.04 and I want to restore the brave browser with all the profiles from the previous installation including profile bookmarks and passwords. I installed the browser on a new operating system and copied the config and chache folder where all the settings and browser profiles were brave from the previous installation. but the browser after copying folders with profiles and cache and configurations of the old browser does not even start. please tell me what and where to copy from the old browser so that the new browser has all the bookmark profiles and passwords of the old brave browser. very please please help me, I’m very used to this browser, it’s cool!

pls help
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