Migrating Brave to new OS

They have spoken like it shouldn’t be long. Unfortunately Brave hasn’t been good on giving ETAs. In the past we’d be shown things working and done, they’d tell us it would be released soon, but then we’d go months or years without it.

Even on things like sunsetting of vBAT, you can see at https://brave.com/rewards-changes/ that it was mentioned to happen at the earliest in April 2023. But they were looking at doing it in the first half. But then what we got was https://brave.com/vbat-sunset/ where people had until the end of October 2023 (actually the ended up stretching out to like November ).

So yeah, trying to get ETA or specific dates just tends not to work. We get it whenever it actually lands. Anything said prior to that can, and often, gets delayed. That said, hopefully should be available before too long.

Oh, and if you ever hear someone say Soon™, you now know why. It’s something of an inside joke about Brave on how they always say “soon” but then it takes forever or never arrives. They just don’t have the staff and resources they need in order to handle it all.

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