Migrate to newer version


New version was installed (btw without my confirmation, it is very bad)

Now older version displays annoying header about “this version unsupported”.

Trying to lunch new version I saw that in never sees my customizes , bookmarks and previous history and opened tabs.

How to import its or how to remove annoying header about new version in older one?

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Did the omission of a TOP MENU get fixed yet? I use DESKTOP/LAPTOP and was so annoyed with NEWBrave’s not having the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) that I uninstalled NEWBrave and went back to OLDBrave… Now I get a WARNING(!!!) that I can only use OLDBrave for nine more days… So, will it disappear? Well, if NEWBrave has not been fixed, AIN’T GONNA USE IT. Has the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) been restored?

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