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Description of the issue:
I have just installed Linux as a noob and loved using my brave for a long time now. When I reinstalled brave on my new linux computer it was a fresh new brave with no extensions and bookmarks whatsoever. I always have sync turned on my pixel 5 phone and my Laptop. But it never seemed to work for me. It didn’t really matter anyway. My phone has also brave beta installed. My beta sync has my phone and my laptop in the sync chain in the standard brave browser on my phone I can only see my phone in the sync chain. When I want to add a new device it doesn’t give me the option to scan the laptop. it only gives me the qr code and the words.

On my laptop I had an issue with braves browsers repository as it was broken.

I installed a new version of brave on my ubuntu run machine and now have two brave installs one with all my extensions and bookmarks and an active wallet. The other a clean slate. I added the sync but It only shows the laptop it is installed on and when I want to add the phone I cant scan the qr code.

So all I want to do is simply bring all my extensions and bookmarks over to the new healthy version of brave.

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Release Notes v1.44.112 (Oct 12th, 2022)

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
Google pixel 5
xps 13 7390 2in1
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