Migrate cookies from smartphone to laptop

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it’s possible to migrate cookies from the brave browser in my smartphone (huawei p10) to the brave browser in my laptop (on Windows 10).
I can use an app to transfer files but I would like to know where the cookies are stored in the smartphone.
I tried sync option but it seems to not migrate cookies.

**Brave Version in my cellphone : 1.58.135, Chromium 117.0.5938.140

**Mobile Device details: android 9; Build/HUAWEIVTR-L09

**Brave Version in my laptop: 1.58.137, Chromium
** laptop OS: Windows 10.

Thanks for reading my topic. Hope I’ll have an answer.

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@Cedric1 I’m not quite sure I’d say you can transfer cookies but you can sync so they share passwords and everything. What is it you’re looking to do exactly?

Hello Saoiray,
Thank you for your replying.
Actually, I thought that the sync option transfers all data (data in local storage, cookies and sessions) from a device to another.
Because there is no developer tool from the brave browser in an android phone, I want to transfer all data (local storage/cookies/sessions) to a laptop (the brave browser with the developer tool).
The final goal is to track the behavior of a suspicious website.

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