Middle mouse click acts as space button

In Windows suddenly middle mouse button acts as spacebar on the keyboard. it happened a while ago I did anything, but no change. until uninstall and reinstall the software and the problem solved. but after a few days, it happens again.
this behavior of the mouse button is just on the Brave browser. m.m.b. works normally on Windows desktop or any other programs. “Brave Nightly” version also has no issue.

This has been happening for a while now,its hard to pinpoint where the bug is so i bought a touch mouse(no scroll wheel) and it seems to have gone away. But not entirely. pressing control with shift the windows button and B together resets the gpu driver and the scroll issue aswell.
I think the issue is with windows start button and not the brave browser as the same thing also happens with chrome and edge and the windows settings panel.
im investing in a windows arc touch mouse to eradicate it.(spidey sense fix)

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