Microsoft Virus and Threat Protection - Adware:JS/InjectorAd.A

I am not sure what version of Brave I am running it says after updating it will be version 0.70.123 - but I have a LOT of stuff open right now and don’t want to reload it. But it should be auto updating so whatever the last version was before this is surely what it is on.

Anyway I have been getting this issue for a while. The Windows 10 64bit, Virus and Threat Protection keeps giving me this threat warning - Adware:JS/InjectorAd.A

I cannot figure out if this is just incorrectly flagging part of Brave or if it is a real bugger. I have not noticed any ads popping up - other than the normal Brave ad notifications to click if I want. Anyone have any information on this?

Anyone? Is anyone else having this issue? Do I really have an Adware that I need to kill or is this Windows flagging Brave falsely? I don’t want to break Brave by telling Windows to kill the threat.


I’m having the same issue with my Windows 10 Windows Defender. It says a bunch of the files in the same cache folder are a high threat adware virus. I cleared the cache through History and that does remove them temporarily but they seem to be refreshed automatically by the browser itself.

At first I thought it might have been an outside program and so searched my processes for anything suspicious. Nothing came up but I decided to test if it was the printer causing it so I disabled all that, a real pain honestly for this device, but the cache was still refreshed so I figure it’s part of the browser processes itself. I’ve only had this issue since the latest update.

As far as I can tell it’s not doing anything. I’ve already run my spyware search program and it didn’t recognize those files as anything malicious. It’s possible somehow someone was able to sneak a zero day virus on the latest build of Brave but that seems unlikely since it’s both open source and with how many people examine the beta build before it goes live. That’s part of the beauty of open source. It’s not impossible but highly unlikely.

I’m not familiar with Javascript so I myself can’t examine the code that would cause this. Plus I’ve not worked developing Brave so there’s that so I don’t even know where to look. Obviously on whatever Javascript code handles the browser’s caching system so if someone knows how to do that have at it.

P.S. Go ahead and tell Windows to kill the threat. It refreshes itself like I said since it’s some of the files in the cache folder like I explained. It will be back within 30 seconds so there’s no point.

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