Microsoft Edge and Brave


I just downloaded the Brave Browse and it looks really great.

So I wanted to test with an app that I am written I ran it. I was glad to see it work, then I thought gee I should test it on edge, it also worked. Then I noticed something really strange:

When I clicked on Brave, Edge would also get the click event. When I clicked on Edge, Brave would also get the click event. I would be happy to share the source so that you can reproduce. I don’t have a clue how this is even possible.


Interesting issue indeed; I doubt though that it’s a problem with Brave. What type of hardware are you using? If you open the same application in Internet Explorer, does it also appear to replicate the clicks?

I’m assuming your application doesn’t pass messages around to sync the UI in different windows.


My app doesn’t run in IE, so I can’t really say.

My system specs is: Acer Predator running Windows 10 with all updates.
12 Gig of memory and I7 CPU

Frameworks that I am using is Aurelia, bootstrap and Bluebird connecting to CouchDB. I guess it would be possible that one of the frameworks is doing something under the covers, but not sure how.

Hmmm, this just got a lot more interesting. Even Chrome and all the other browsers share click events. Which leads me to believe it is a framework issue. As of let I haven’t tested it on other computer, but I will.

I am not using websockets or any other cross communications.

I think at this point it is clear that the issue isn’t a Brave browser issue alone.

If I can’t reproduce it on a difference computer, then I am guessing it is spyware going amuck.

Thank you for the quick reply.




It seems to be caused by a side effect of a gulp plugin called browser-sync. I stop gulp wait and the issue goes away.

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