Microphone not being detected

Regarding microphone not being detected, Microphone not detected on browser
on newer brave versions, from Release v1.29.79 and after. (Last version it works is Release v1.28.106)
It seems to be a chromium/chrome issue as it happens on them too. How can I report to them? And what are the chromium versions that are used?

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It was not working for me. I had to do, first a setting in Windows Settings and a second setting in Brave browser then I tested the microphone in the site provided, see images.

I have windows 11 and latest Brave 1.37.111

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Thank you for your reply and the guidance.
This might be helpful!
I use Windows 10. I’ll have to find the corresponding setting in it.
Not sure if it’s this one.

It doesn’t show brave there tho

Can you tell me what site you’re using that doesn’t detect your mic?


This link could be useful to you.
NOTE: Try to do the setting in Brave first (as in the image), then go to the setting in Windows.

In any website and it’s not only on Brave but on Chrome too.
It works fine on Firefox though.

So in Brave if you go to mictests.com (as suggested by @CerealLover), allow the site to use the microphone and run a test, this doesn’t work for you?

Sorry for the late reply. No it doesn’t record anything. I don’t know what chromium changed and the microphone doesn’t work but still works on older versions.

Thank you for that! Unfortunately Brave doesn’t appear in the microphone privacy settings. Also I can’t add any program there, Not sure why, I looked up but couldn’t find anything.

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