Mexican Passport Fraud Site in Brave Ads platform

Is there an abuse email or form for sites that are carrying out illegal activities, scams, fraud using the Brave advertising platform?. These ads were shown before in Google Ads, Bing Ads and now in Brave Ads, they have already been kicked out of the advertising systems in Google (directly) and Bing.
This site pretends to be the portal of the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico (SRE) to make appointments for the process of the Mexican passport, renewal. When people fill out the form at the end, it indicates an account to make the payment of the passport in an account that scammers. When the victim goes to the SRE office to complete the process, they realize that they have been scammed and lose their money.
This plague has been present for months in several advertising systems but it has been removed since they harm many people with these actions. In Mexico there is only 1 site for the passport process and it is, there is no other authorized site. I hope you can review the ad and take necessary action against these scammers, they use names that confuse people and trick them into thinking it’s the real site.

Scam site:

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