MetaMask should be enabled by default


Since Brave browser is currently advertised by MetaMask front page as an alternative to installing a Chrome plugin, it is baffling to say the least for a basic end-user to install Brave and still be nagged about installing MetaMask. Since Brave is a blockchain-enabled browser, shouldn’t it be Web3-enabled out of the box?

This would be so much nicer to DApp developers to just point people to your browser and not needing to list instructions like “yeah so install it and then Preferences > Extensions > tick MetaMask blah blah blah”. Just Works should be the aspiration of any piece of application software, don’t you think?


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Hi @juuso no offence honestly but would it kill you to enable it whenever you do a fresh install? Unless there’s a bug and it keeps disabling.

I think most users will fundamentally utilize the browser for the secure anonymous payment aspect of the browser and the ad&track block engine as for the other features, they’ll be seen as beneficial requisites (third-part pass manager and metamask) and would naturally enable such features when they’re parsing through the settings after installation.

probably not; no one is going to fresh-install it more than once. I’m suggesting this purely from DApp instructions flow point of view.

If it is on by default, there will be one less step in a “how to use DApp” user flow, which may or may not be a big deal. But right now it’s one more step than saying “hey install this plugin” if user is already on Chrome or Firefox. Which means DApp devs probably won’t bother linking to Brave at all.

If it would be “install Metamask plugin OR install Brave”, period, then more DApp devs probably would push people to install Brave, too. Now it’s additionally “if user is using Brave but web3 isn’t there, tell user to enable the extension”, which… well, most might just leave out the option altogether.

You’re probably right and they’ll most likely focus on these little issues once they fix the majority of the major issues because enabling it right now by default will pressure the team to fix the battery and ram efficiency aspects of the browser immediately, where as now it’s modicum.

Have you checked out system resources lately with Brave and MetaMask? Brave without MetaMask is pretty heavy as it is.

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