Metamask for Ethereum


Basically my only reason to use Chrome is Metamask Extension. That would be pretty sweet!


@JMZX you’re in luck - Metamask was already requested earlier on in the year and they’re practically in the process of pushing it, you’re likely to see it in the next couple of updates possibly 0.20.x


Hey there!
Is there any news on this topic?
Metamask extension is very needed.


@Raimundo3D believe it or not I think you should be seeing it in the next release. So in 0.19.x Hotfix 1, they’ve got most of the issues closed in this milestones so I honestly would be surprised if you see it later on today.


Oh nice!
Thank you Numpty!


@Raimundo3D How are you finding it? it should be available in 0.19.53.

Is just like it is in Chrome or FF, is it better, or do you have some issues with it?


For now I’ve only set it up and so far is working flawless.
By the start of the next month I will use it to get into an ICO. I will post my experience here.
Thank you for your help.:smiley:

btw: Is Brave based on Chromium? I’m asking because LastPass extension identified Brave as google chrome.


Yes, Brave based on Chromium.

That’s because Brave use Chrome UA so site will think you’re using Chrome.

@JMZX @Raimundo3D MetaMask is available in latest version of brave. :slight_smile:


Thanks, installed. So good to hear the news :slight_smile:

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