Metamask files after uninstalling Brave


So, Metamask has not updated their wallet and I was afraid that my Metamask account could be compromised.Therefore, I uninstalled Brave and download a brand new Brave to ensure the security. However, after installing Brave and logged in Metamask, I found out that Brave had not deleted my Metamask account files at all. When I started Metamask, it was the log in screen not the introduction slides like when I first used it. Then I entered my password. Surprisingly, it’s the same account before uninstalling!! So where do you guys keep these extension files and how to completely delete it? Is this some kind of joke? It’s unsafe for me to not know where these files are being kept.


Hi @Cryptouser

If you didn’t remove your profile then yes, it is expected that all of your data will still be there. Here are instructions on how to remove everything: How to solve *almost* every problem after install

NOTE - proceed with absolute caution! if you remove everything and don’t have backups of any items you may want, your data is gone. Please be sure this is what you intend to do.


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