Metamask fails to render contents of Metamask window on first click

  • MacOS X 10.13.4
  • Brave 0.22.13
  • Metamask 4.3.0

I have been using MetaMask in Brave for several prior versions, so this is a MetaMask wallet that was already set up running, and working as expected in prior versions.

The first time I click on the MetaMask icon in the top bar just to the right of the URL field in Brave, the outline of the MetaMask panel opens, but none of the content loads. You can see a screenshot here.

If I then click the outside the blank panel the MetaMask panel closes as expected.
When I click the MetaMask icon a second time, the MetaMask panel opens and renders normally.


I have the same issue. It doesn’t fix even when I reinstall Brave browser. I made topic about it 18 days ago and nobody answered me. I checked several topics here about MetaMask in Brave browser - usually nobody answers there. Admins, can you please check this problem?



Sounds like this logged issue:



I will make an effort to check Github in the future.


Great @Jclarkv much appreciated :slight_smile:

Also,sometimes issues sound similar but aren’t the same - just to confirm, what you are seeing is what is described in the link I posted?



I’m sorry, Lauren, to be such a Luddite. But you’ve linked to that GitHub post in two or three places and I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to do to correct the LastPass issue (for me the problem is with LastPass). For people like me, is it possible to write a step-by-step instruction like…“Do the following…1,2,3,4, etc”? It would certainly help. BTW, I was able to fix the issue with connecting to me Chase Bank account. An example of an answer that would have helped there is to explain exactly how each of the shield defaults should be set. Once they’re properly configured, everything works perfectly. Thanks.


Hi @Newbie

That GitHub link is for the logged issue, it’s not meant to be an explanation of how to resolve the issue for a user :slight_smile: We need development assistance to review and resolve the linked issue.

Most users have indicated that a second click on the extension icon (LastPass in your case) resolves the transparent window issue. Is that not what you’re seeing?




  First, thank you so much for responding personally.

  Yes, the initial transparent window on LastPass followed by the log in window on a second click is exactly what I experience every time I open Brave.  It's not a major issue, but something I hope Brave can fix in an upcoming release.

  As I think I also mentioned, I was able to find a way to log in to our Chase bank accounts through LastPass so I'm very pleased that's working now.

  I do have one other question you may be able to help with.  When I open the browser I'd like it to open in a set size on a given place on my screen.  I'm unable to use a full screen mode because of personal vision issues.  I have been able to configure the browser now so it opens to the exact size I need each time.  It also opens to the same place on my screen, but it isn't the place I want it to be.

  Also not a huge issue, but depending on how I'm feeling, I'm either bemused or annoyed every time I have to move it.  Is there a way I can correct that location issue or is that too something that might have to be fixed by Brave in a later browser update?

  Again, thank you for your help.

  Best regards,



I had the same issues and still do but now since the latest update, on the second click I get nothing but a blank page.


I too am having the same result as @dinosworld when trying to open Metamask. How can I resolve this?


Still only rendering a blank white box. Im using it on chrome with no issues… Id prefer to use brave wink wink…


Having same issue as Dino. I noticed with LastPass, it is always blank the first try but works if I click outside the box and try again. For metamask, it is always blank no matter how many times I click. It looks just like OP’s pic.

Brave: 0.22.810
Metamask: 4.3.0


feeling like a beta tester! The first time i click on metamask its not even blank its clear and you see a border or two then the next click and every one after until reboot its blank white board


Experience the same thing with MetaMask and LastPass. MetaMask will sometimes load the first click, but it freaks out. Without moving the mouse cursor, the window will shake violently. Closing out of Brave and re-launching will usually fix.


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