Metamask do not load on French Brave Browser desktop v.1.18.70

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Failed to connect to My Metamask wallet through Brave chromium extension:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install French version of Brave browser v.1.18.70
  2. Install Metamask extension (not the scammy one)
  3. Browser in French will not allow to connect to Metamask on a proper URL (Uniswap in my case). Did some tests with another computer of mine that has an English Brave Browser version and works correctly.

Expected result: The installation of Metamask on a French version of the Brave browser should not be an issue…

Brave Version: v.1.18.70

Additional Information: I am now trying to install an English version of Brave browser and I keep getting pushed back to the French version. I’m in Canada and speak both languages. My Win10 version is in French. But right now, can’t install another language through the install process. This is an issue as well. I have reached to MetaMask, they are working on the issue on their side, but we believe this might be a Brave issue as this situation do not come up if I use a French version of Chrome or Firefox.

Apologies for the late reply. Would you mind testing creating a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile) and installing Metamask and see if you get the same behavior?

Hey Mattches, could you be more specific on where I need to go for that. I never had another profile done in Brave…

I don’t mind helping out though.


Apologies – I should have included it in my original reply. Simply open the main menu in the top right, then Create new profile. A new Brave window with a fresh browsing profile will launch. Exit your old profile, then test the new one.

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