Metamask critical error


Hello I have installed Metamask in brave and it didn’t take long to notice that when clearing browser cookies etc in security, the DEN is dumped and accounts missing.

Luckily the first time I had my DEN on another laptop and a backup.

Anyway, so I made a new account in Metamask in Brave… I run Brave one day and I find I need to re-input my den. I go into Security and find every option has been ticket for removal… but I know for a fact I had unticked half of these to make sure Metamask never gets reset.

Anyway so I input my DEN… and only account 1 shows… not account 2. Unfortunately I sent Ether… so account 2… here is my pub addy: 0x13fD84Fc05bcBAF91f04BFb37F8B6896667Bb800

Is there anyway I can recover this account? I’m pretty pissed off Brave has this over sight as much as I like the browser.

Can I do a file recovery scan? What file name would I be looking for to recovery my lost account?

I didn’t realize either that I had to back up each account individually I would have thought my DEN would import all accounts… why have one DEN for one account but the second doesn’t get a DEN… just a private key? What is the point of a DEN if it doesn’t save your Metamask as is?

Please help and offer any insight into what may have happened. The ether is still sitting there so I don’t think it was a hack.





where does brave store metamask files, which one would my private keys be in… I don’t care if they are locked or encrypted but maybe I can do a file recovery. I need my account #2 back.


Having the same issue, After Brave update the metamask only shows one account instead of the 2 I originally had. Please help need to recoup tokens… thanks

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