dear devs, dont make the same mistake twice!!! new brave should be a copy of chrome but with all the privacy features!!! just simple as that. delete the old brave ideas and just copy chrome - the most successful internet browser in the history. if you really want to succeed JUST COPY CHROME AND ADD ALL THE PRIVACY FEATURES. nothing else is needed because brave will be better than chrome then and all who use chrome will be able to come to the new brave without any hesitation!!!
forget about old brave (just like idiotic UI design with tabs under the address bar) and focus on the new one!

Actually, brave-core will be Chromium with Brave feels, IMHO. It’ll have the protection and Brave’s feature such a Brave Rewards (formerly Brave Payments, etc).

You can try the early release. Not stable yet, but OK for testing. It also missing some features that still being worked on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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