Mess After purchased VPN

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**Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):PCHuawei laptop

**iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):**windows 10

Detailed description of the behavior:
Dear Team / Community ,

I am writing as I subscribed to your VPN this morning.
However, once I tried it, everything became a mess.
It is now impossible for me to reach many Wifi and website depending on which one I want to use.

DDespite having uninstalled the VPN, problems are persisting…

For exemple I Can go this website
But not this one


I would like to :
(1) get my system black
(2) cancel my plan

Thank you

Hello, My apologies for the trouble. Would you please create a request through Brave Browser settings > Brave Firewall + VPN > contact support, so we can assist further.

Thank you finally for your answer.

I finally solved the problem when uninstalling completly Brave.

I must say that this is an incredible situation :

  • Brave is an amazing product
  • Brave launch its sub-product (VPN) that is an absolute crap (both in UX/technical/Customerservice)…

What a counterproductive strategy.

You should stop this subproduct right now

NB: I see that I still have been charged for the VPN plan despite the fact that I had to uninstall it… Amazing…

Cheers from France