"Merge all windows" button in "More Tools" (hamburger menu) and Mac menu bar

Safari on Mac has a feature that allows you to quickly merge all windows. All non-private windows get merged into one, all private windows get merged into one. That “Merge all windows” button is placed in the same location the “Task Manager” currently is on Brave Browser for Mac, in the “Window” menu bar item. Brave could just add that below the Task Manager.

I’m not sure how this would work on other OS’s with no system menu bar, but likely burying it in “Tools” alongside where the Task Manager currently is would be optimal.

This is a feature I believe only Safari has, as Chrome/Firefox don’t have it on any platform, and would really make Brave stand out if adopted.

Also it would be very nice for those with tons of tabs who use a tab suspender extension, and want to merge all windows into one so they can suspend all tabs in one click, instead of having to suspend every tab for each open window, window by window.

+1 to adding a “merge all windows” function. It’s important, please add it