Mercury Reader! plz!


Just want to add my voice to those who have requested Mercury Reader (or any other reader that is similar to Safari’s Reader mode). This is one of those extensions that is stopping me from switching to Brave as my main browser (along with . Thank you and keep up the great work!


This issue will become more crucial in mac os 10.14 – where modifications to the integrated Safari reader will become obsolete. No more reader extensions. Let’s hope Brave adds one soon.


It’s my understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong), but Brave will be changing soon, so that we will be able to install apps from the Google app store (or similar service). I believe that is set for this fall, the last I heard.


What @cynical13 said is described here

Please take a note that brave-core will have support for more extensions but it’ll not tied to Google webstore.



Thank you for the correction!