Mercury Reader extension - De-clutter article sites


This extension takes the important bits of article websites, puts them in a clean, easily readable and cutomizable style to allow the user a more enjoyable browsing experience. I use this extension religiously on chrome in at home, at school, and at work, so naturally I would love to see it in my new favorite browser, brave.


Mercury Reader is an awesome way to read the article in online news without the links to dozens of other articles. I like it a lot. It also helps to me to read because I can enlarge the window (I’ve got glasses).

This would be a wonderful addition.


I’m in agreement. I’m getting older and I have started wearing reading glasses. When I use Mercury Reader, or a similar product, I don’t have to worry about switching glasses or wearing my bifocals. This saves me a headache when I do research at work or browse at home.


Got a working Mercury Reader Extension, copying its folder from its Opera/Chrome Extension source folder into e.g. the Pocket Extension folder, renaming the Pocket folder something like “” and Mercury folder as (the current) “”. Works like a charm!

Two minor problems:

  • no icon visible (no idea why, but the button is there)
  • it gets overwritten as soon as Pocket does an update on their Extension - simply do the process again: copying and renaming the folders

But please, Brave, do something for enabling extensions more easily!