Menu title bar please


Could we please have a menu title bar, the one on the top with
File Edit View History Bookmark Tools Help …

Why do you put everything on the three bars all the way off on the far, far, far right?

It may sound like I’m picky, but I hope I’m not. The three bars are far away from the action, compared to the back button, forward button, etc. I absolutely hate the three bar concept. I don’t know why every developer is clamoring to put that into their programs. With huge monitors saving 3/8" of screen space is no longer relevant.

Perhaps you and all the other developers are delusional that all the users use and like cell phones. Nothing could be further from the truth. I, myself, and everyone I talk too hate cell phones and the tiny counter-intuitive interfaces they have. Don’t follow a cell phone model on full screen programs, please, please, please.

At least give us an option like Firefox does. And Firefox installs with the File bar hidden by default, and I hate them for that.

Thank you for considering my thoughts,


I agree completely. Cellphone interfaces shouldn’t be applied to desktop/laptop programs. Otherwise, you get Windows 8.0, ugh!

By the way, on MacOS, the menu title bar already exists, along the very top of the screen (not attached to the window). It’s also rather far away from the action, but that’s a MacOS thing.



Hi @JoeM @krellan,
You can enable menu bar by going to Preferences > General > Hide the menu bar by default.

Hope that can help.


Sorry, I don’t see that item in Preferences/General. I’m running Brave 0.22.667 on MacOS.