Memory usage seems a little excessive


Name Version
Brave 0.13.5
rev 1db81cb
Muon 2.56.8
libchromiumcontent 56.0.2924.87
V8 5.6.326.50
Node.js 7.4.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform win32
os.release 10.0.14393
os.arch x64

These are the figures which show at different times. website such as news, imdb and youtube but neither of the figures represent a time in which youtube was loaded maximum of 3 or 4 tabs where on.

March 2017
App 279 MB
6 Background Processes 132+ MB

March 2017
App 227 MB
6 Background Process 162 MB

It’s strange that a browsers when calculated add up to figure which is more than what is shown and used when using the the Tor Broswer and loads just as slowly from start-up.


Hi, the team recognizes the RAM usage issue. It’ll be addressed in a future. Best,

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