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Hi guys,

Whilst memory consumption is relatively low, I’m still seeing high memory consumption on a fresh launch of Brave.
Some napkin maths shows that a fresh session (no tabs, no extensions) is sitting fairly stable at between 460 and 580MB for me.

I have just captured the Brave Task Manager at a low point:

And my Windows Task Manager a few seconds later:

With the below background processes:

Straight up, I can see one “micro-optimization” of only loading modules such as PDF Viewer when they’re absolutely necessary (does it need to be running at all times? Could do something similar to what FireFox has recently done in only initializing that component when it’s required?)

I’m not 100% sure what all of these background processes are doing, but a couple of them are relatively heavy for a single “New Tab” page… especially on a lower spec’ed machine

I will grab another couple of screenshots as examples, when I don’t also have Community open!

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I am new to Brave, and using Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). I have 11 tabs open and my memory consumption is 1458MB compared to Chrome with 27 tabs using 379MB only.

Memory consumption is relatively high when compared to the chrome browser. I have 6 tabs opened in chrome browser with one active and 5 suspended. When it comes to brave i have only one opened.

Still have high memory consumption.

Weird, on macOS it barely consumes ram

This does seem to be more of a Windows thing from what I can tell. I haven’t noticed as high consumption on macOS either!

So I noticed this again today - I have approx 11 tabs open at the moment. 8 of them in a minimised Brave window, so I’d expect that to “idle” itself at least a little?

Anyway, I noticed that Brave was consuming 1.2GB memory in Windows Task Manager, so I then opened “Brave Task Manager” and noticed that actually, it’s not the tabs consuming memory (none of these tabs are graphically intensive either - a couple of them are just plain-text and most of the rest are forum pages!) - it’s the GPU process that’s consuming almost 75% of that memory:

@Mattches how would I go about getting this moved over to the right category for a bit of support/interaction on this one? I logged it here originally as feedback, but I think that this could actually do with some degree of support now instead?

All tabs closed and GPU Process memory consumption still fluctuates between 430-460MB


This feels really high when nothing is open…

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I’ll recategorize the thread to support. Does disabling Hardware Acceleration help at all?

Thanks @Mattches

And I can confirm, for me, yes it does! Significantly! Less than 1/10th the memory consumption.

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I have just re-enabled Hardware Acceleration and relaunched Brave:


So it’s now lower but still over 10x as much a when HA is disabled…

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