MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

If the admin will answer to us on Monday the payment that we need to revive on 6 June I think they will pay us on 6 July🤔

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Same for me for the browser on Win10. Was able to claim on my Android and Ipad, however. ??

I use windows. But on 5th May and June BAT not send to uphold. My uphold verified. I use lastest version. What happen? Will the next month continue like this? This not good.

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Hi Steeven, I already sent you a dm, when I claimed my June reward, my May earnings disappeared.
Still waiting… @steeven

I have only received a portion of my BATs, are the orders still porcessing?

I’m hoping they are, I still haven’t receive my payout.

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Hi. I have not yet received the payout and there is the claim reward button is missing. please help as this is my first time. thanks.

I’m hoping they are, I still haven’t receive my payout.

I’m done doing the 1-3 on the checklist and the answer to your checklist #4 is on my screenshot,
and it is clear in the screenshot that the rewards must be sent already on my uphold account on June 6 but still it says there that i have 0.00 balance.

UPDATE: I just received my outstanding BAT. My browser’s rewards info still does not reflect the transfer in the “pending rewards” section, but I am using the Brave beta, so this might be expected.

Bonjour je vousrencontre montre une capture d’écran j’ai envoyé énormément de message au support et ils ne répondent pas
Je n’ai pas recu de paiement depuis 2 mois consécutif

Bonne journée. Comment avez-vous gagné autant?

Why doesn’t the request button work in Android version? Will an explanation be made? So many people are wondering this question. I don’t think updating will be difficult for Brave Support team.

Je navigue énormément avec brave car je travail plus de 10h par jour avec l’ordinateur

yes actually but me I never had this button and I always received my payments on uphold but for 2 months I do not receive any payment and nobody any administrator to help me I do not understand

Başkan senden özelden yazışalım mı . Tek Türk sensin galiba

I received the bats on my uphold account, but didn’t ever see the claim button. Don’t know what happened.

yaz hocam yardımcı olalım birbirimize

Vous les avez recu pour le mois de juin??

Same, still waiting. Same issue as last month rewards.