MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

I just received a payment a few minutes ago

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But I am not getting anything.

It should not take long to happen

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do you need a verified uphold to get BAT on your browser wallet?

I have a verified uphold account and …nop…no payment.

For browser wallet, you just need to wait for the “Claim Rewards” button to show on your rewards page, once you click it and verify capture, your BAT will be loaded to your browser wallet balance.

I don’t know at all but my account is 100% verified

And how long we need to wait…

thanks,the claim button is not appearing in any of my 3 devices

It will show anytime between today and tomorrow.

But…the payment date was changed to 6 July not 6 June that was until last night.

Refresh, restart if need be. Make sure you using latest Brave version

Yes I have 1.9.76 chromium 81.0.4044.138 64 bits

That’s normal. the system is preparing for the next payout date. It’s always going to change on the 6th on the 6th if that makes sense.

But no claim option???

Your balance is still the same. Once claim option is available and you claim your balance will adjust accordingly.

Now I have received all the amount!! 3.45 BAT :slight_smile:

Wow nice @Alewoolf. I must be next. Admin/Support, please.


I don’t know when will I get my amount.

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Bro, I can feel it now.

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