MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

I had more than 3 BATs in pending and I have just received 0.25 BAT from my desktop device.
Why did I receive only a small part of the May rewards??

Did you get 0.25 today?

Maiby you have auto-contribution ON

Hi. I didn’t get any reward from brave

Kindly please see screenshots below from my 3 computers and help me to resolve it




Thank you

Yes, I’ve just received the email notification

Me too. I received a amount of 18.6 BAT but my Browser showed me that the rewards should be 21.7 BAT. This is a bit confusing.

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It was May Payout out smh :rofl:
Nothing of June

@Alewoolf @Chezar Remember the cut off was on the 31st of May. Any BAT you got after will be paid in July.

How many minutes ago?

I had more than 3 BAT at the end of May.
I received 30 minutes ago.

I see. Maybe 0.25 was for something else. I hope I get my payout too.

I even did not receive any earning from april and may. Uphold verified since several months. =(

Anything on your side??

still waiting. very very disappointed.

I know. Let’s allow till the end of today.

The request to me option is not available. I am a Windows user. I will get paid for the first time. My bats still stand in its prediction.
I did not receive the June 5th Awards.

Same condition here. Nothing paid, and the next payment date changed to July 6

Exactly same here. Got payments on phone though.

I have brave on Android,iOS and Windows PC and i didnt receive any BAT in none of them.Is it a problem that I dont have a verified wallet?

I received from my side this