MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

@Tankiso Yes I am using my account time to time and I already received my payout. Brave Payout never stop when you right way.

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OK,what I know is ;payments are made once in a month and in your system,it is stated when will be the next payment and even if you skip a month without paying your subscription.the system will notify you that your transactions for the payments were not completed due to the insufficiency of funds and it will tell you that your next transactions for the payment will be after the 30 days or a month.

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That does not make me feel confident about Brave.


@steeven Hello, I DM’ed you with all the provided data. Please assist when you can. Thanks.

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Don’t worry you will get paid on 6th July.

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@steeven I’ve DMed you my internal data. Hope you guys settle it by next pay date. Im uninstalling then either way

Soon be July and all this starts again, I’ve tried to help out as much as I can from my end, all the BAT I binned to try and fix the problem was a complete waste of time. This is why I hate centralised systems, you are at the whim of the people running the system.

The illusion that Brave, the good guy against Google is slowly falling away, Brave isn’t trying to be the white knight to save us from Google, they want to be Google. They love the negative press they get for say the referral link scandal, this was free advertising, all they care about is the numbers…support is a joke by design, over the last 3 months support haven’t done anything apart from refunds of BAT, not had any technical advise or do this do that reply. They know the payment system isn’t up to it and they don’t care. All that matters is the $$ from advertisers keeps rolling in, users can go whistle and be ignored.

I thought I was the only person they were ignoring, but it seems there are a lot more they deem undesirables and not worthy of their time. Remember peeps, if it’s not putting money in their pockets, then they don’t give a rats ass. Why has sync taken so long? doesn’t make them money, fix the payment system? cos money goes out there and not in to their pockets.

Just look at how Brave treated the fork of Brave (Braver) they threw the toys out the pram, they don’t want competition, even if the browser is just a light version without BAT.

Time to fill the ignore inbox with browser internals. Sure it would of been easier to answer people.

27th June - Still nothing, I have never known a support like this, ignoring people for months, why? doesn’t make sense, you want users cos ya boss is always banging on about it, but if they request help you ignore them, whats up, not kissing ya ass enough? hurt ya feelings in some way? I apologise for not being a mind reader, just a basic human model.


@ujano hola… tengo problemas con mi cuenta de uphold sera que puedo desconectar esa cuenta de mi valiente y conectar otra, es que realize el cambio de contraseña y tengo 20dias esperando repuesta de soporte de uphold y no he tenido,

Hi, just wondering if there is any update on the missing token on the brave mobile app? I am still missing over 194 tokens. I can see them under the grants, but they don’t show up in my balance. I can’t verify my wallet because I need a balance of at least 25. I should have very close or over 200 available.

If you can give me an address to send to I’ll include my records from the app.

Thank You

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Can someone please help with this issue? I am still not getting BAT and have been stuck for the past few months. No responses to my emails or comments yet.


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Hi @Reef - thanks for your patience here! Please DM me your Rewards Internals (brave://rewards-internals/), OS, Brave version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel. This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

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Hi @steeven will you also reply to all the others here? E.g. to my PN I’ve sent over two weeks ago? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I wanted to Thank the Brave support team. All my tokens that have been missing on my Android App have reappeared as of today 06/27/2020.


3 days and it’ll be July and still haven’t got Aprils payout never mind May, looks like June will be added and the ignoring will continue because someones got a strop on and taken the ball home.

Tokens from ads are locked in the browser. They are not transferred to verified uphold account. @steeven could you pls assist?

hello, I still haven’t received my brave rewards and I don’t see any claim button :frowning:

Have the same problem, have 149 BAT from Aprils rewards stuck and the 50+ from May is anyone’s guess where that went. Not to worry, the ignore button seems to work fine though.

How long should we wait for a reply to our DM’s to Steeven before sending the information again?

I would suspect it would not matter if you sent the info again. By Steeven’s own admission, there are “thousands” of cases to be attended to … there are only a few people working on these cases, it appears. I wish Brendan Eich would make a statement about this and the Rewards program, in general. He is the ultimate architect of this project.

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apparently they don’t pay us what is due for the month of June! I wrote to the DM and never got a reply! We work for free, the platform makes profits thanks to our referrals, but we are not paid to search for people and refer them! Too bad … no answer! @steeven