MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

Bonjour ami, je suis sûr qu’ils travaillent dur pour résoudre ce problème dès que possible. Attendons patiemment.

@Odisseu thks mate you deserve a place as admin here

Hi @steeven, I have sent a DM. I have two computers connected to Uphold and should have received 15-20 BAT per over the last couple of months but only got 1 BAT. I have turnedoff auto contribute on one as a test and no luck.

what can be done to fix this? I’m not sure what the error is as it was working two months ago.


My June earnings are gone. About 16 BAT are gone from the “pending reward” on the brave rewards site in the browser
I have got a verified Uphold Wallet

Hello @egbaba @sabitblsvr @speedy901990 @KKT @Danella @3nigm4 @eddierodriguez - please DM me your Rewards Internals. Thanks!

I also have not recieved the payment. Can you check into it. Messaging you Internal Rewards .

Hello @steeven DM’ed you the reward-internals

i’ve already done so

Bonjour steeven je vous est fait par en interne de tout les renseignements depuis hier zt toujours aucune réponse et aucun paiement ne m est parvenu a ce jour aidez moi MERCI

Mon ami j’attend le paiement depuis 2 mois consécutif maintenant et je me demande ce qu’ils font franchement

I threw it to you as a private message. I am waiting answer . Thanks

Hello, I have updated the browser and I read the above indications and I comply with all of them. I installed brave browsers on two devices. The Android device that is linked to the secret words sent me the Bat and I received them on day 5 and yesterday in the desktop browser in Windows 10 they disappeared and tells me the payment date for the following month and the bat counter was reset from both devices

I have already sent you the details.

I sent the internals for my pc and android, thanks for your help

I clicked on Claim button but I didn’t receive any BATS in my uphold wallet yet but the BAT is deducted from “Estimated Earning of this Month”.

I still didn’t get my June Rewards.
and Now my Estimated pending rewards are reset to zero. :frowning:

DM sent. Please reply.

Hello @simplegerry I think you might have to DM @steeven your rewards internals.

I do not believe that this will be solved with DM anymore …! How many times did we send DM if there was a solution, May payment would be made.

Maybe there’s a queue considering the number of people who sent DM’s