MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

I had connected my uphold account with brave browser but before few days of the ads payout uphold blocked my account. So there is now no claim button also and as my account was blocked so the money is also not received in my uphold account as it is disconnected. Please help me out receiving those rewards. @steeven @asad . Thank you.

I got my June payout but my earning still shows 225 BAT to pay more.

Thank you


Bonjour je vous est envoyé un message en privé car je n’ai toujours pas reçu mes paiements ni du mois de mai ni celui de juin cordialement

I got some but my account shows still I have 225 BAT not get yet .

HI @steeven

I received a portion of it ! I got 1.9 bat instead of 6.5 bat

Also, I want to say the following.

Today, I lost some bats. On Saturday I got 8.0 bats at 21.19 pm

Now on Sunday, I got 9.4 bats at 23.00 pm. Then like 30 minutes later, some of them are gone

I am in Chile working on Ubuntu 18.04. Also, a friend told the same thing happened to her.

I think point 2 apply to my case.

I am using MacOS Brave Version 1.9.76.
I have my BATs stacking up in the “wallet on the right” but I didn’t get any payout for 3 months now. I have my Uphold account connected on 3 devices (it should be fine). I didn’t get my payout last month at all from any of the devices. My Uphold wallet is verified and I did get the payout once (for the first time I was using it).

Has anyone received the payment in the last 5 hours?

I am still waiting, and my expected rewards suddenly dropped from 14.4 BAT to 2.7 BAT.
My next payment date jumps to 6th. Jul
I am using Brave on Windows 10.
Let us hope that we must no longer face this issue every month.

Hi, I received payment on one of my device but not on my other one. Last month I also did not receive any payment on this device (I was expecting 7.8 BAT last month and 11.7 BAT this month). My payment date was 6th of June and it now shows 6th of July, but I haven’t received anything. My pending amount has now dropped too, with no BAT transferred to either my browser wallet or Uphold wallet.

  1. None of the checklist reasons apply to me.
  2. I am on Windows 10.
  3. On the device which I haven’t received payment from, no I haven’t received payments before.
  4. Yes, I have a verified wallet.
  5. Yes, it is currently connected to 3 devices.
  6. No, I verified with a UK driver’s license.
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I’m not getting the rewards of installed browsers on computers, I’ve only received rewards from android mobile.
I have configured (restored) the recovery phrase on 3 computers and one of them with 2 operating systems, in total 4 browsers.
This is a problem?

A greeting.

Brave team actually want to pay or not? Since 5th May never BAT sent to my verified Uphold.

it is june 8th but no payout on uphold. I didnt take any payout on may too.

It just seems like they always do manual payments :slight_smile:

@steeven said payouts are still ongoing, Let’s wait friends, delayed doesn’t mean denied.

hi, i have same problems my bats are gone


my notebook


where are my bats?

De mon côté toujours rien reçu c’est vraiment désespérant :confused::confused::confused:

Mec, je suis en baisse aussi, mais j’ai bon espoir. Donnons-lui un peu de temps

@steeven @Asad

Je me demande bien ce qu’ils feront quand bientôt 2 milliards de personnes utiliseront Brave. A chaque debut de mois, ils commencent toujours à bricoler et nous font ainsi perdre le fil et l’apperçu de nos revenus.