MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support


  1. Are payouts still processing? Don’t know! (Looks like it’s finished processing*)
  2. Are you included the payout period? Yes
  3. Is your browser updated? Yes
  4. Maybe you received it! Yes

First Payment (sent*, it’s in the Uphold Wallet)
Connected to Uphold (Verified*)

Future Double Payment!
The full

BAT amount is still in the Brave Browser (browser did not update!).

Total Bat since I installed Brave Browser: 8,5 BAT
Uphold received: 7,599… BAT
Current Browser Shows: 8,5 BAT to be sent on 6Jul

P.S. Am I the only one complaining about this?

Me too I have no Claim BAT Button I already DM you the rewards settings. Thank you very much!

Ca fait 2 mois que je reçois beaucoup moins que prévu sur Uphold (alors que Brave m’indique la vraie somme)
Ce mois ci, je suis censé avoir gagné 16.5 BAT, mais n’en ai même pas eu 0,5BAT de transmis sur Uphold ???
Et c’était déjà pareil le mois dernier, et bien sur aucune réponse du support après contact…

Donc Brave m’indique la bonne somme, mais Uphold n’a pas le même montant. Comment on fait pour obtenir la partie non reçue ?
Parce que ça commence à faire un certain montant d’écart, et hormis se creuser, l’écart n’est pas réglé…

It’s been 2 months that I receive much less than expected on Uphold (while Brave tells me the real amount)
This month, I’m supposed to have won 16.5 BAT, but didn’t even have 0.5BAT transmitted on Uphold ???
And it was already the same last month, and of course no response from the support after contact …
So Brave tells me the right amount, but Uphold doesn’t have the same amount. How do we get the part not received?
Because it’s starting to make a certain amount of difference, growing but not resolved.

I got the remaining BAT on my uphold account too. Hopefully all those waiting will get the same. :grinning:

Did you get paid for this month?

Hi . Did you get paid for this month

As I have shown, this month I was paid on Uphold, but only 0.450…01 BAT, and not 16.5BAT as indicated by Brave Reward.
And I don’t understand how the Brave wallet and the Uphold account can have a different amount since they’re supposed to be linked.

Yeah just got paid at 7 CST.

Did you get paid 1 hour ago ?

Unfortunately, there is still no payment. I m waiting…

Same . I’m waiting too.

To people who recieved BAT, does it say payout for June ad earnings??

  1. Yes i’ve read them and none of them aplyies
  2. Windows 7
  3. I’ve recieved payments, except for the last two months
  4. I have a verified wallet
  5. I currently have my account connected to more than 3 browsers, as i have access to more than 3 pc’s (Actually, like 7 or 8)
  6. No, i verified it from Argentina

Also, in some browsers the number of total BAT in my wallet varies (I asume those that sow more BAT are payments being processed, but i can’t find that information anywhere)

no it says May ,& last month’s (the 5th of May payout) says April

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@steeven Hi, i have PM’ed you my rewards internal info along with a screenshot and additional info.

1: Yes
2: Windows 10
3: first time
4: I do not

Hello I still haven’t received anything for more than 2 months I’m starting to desperate

Seems that there is no answer to the android problem… it’s a shame the lack of support on this matter.

We need an answer from an authorized person. how long will we wait? are you working on the problem? are we waiting for a new update? thank you.

Hi @Xion -please DM me your Rewards Internals when you have a moment.

Please note that direct payments are still processing.

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Hi @gasto and others please see :

In order to best help you, please include the following in your post:

  1. “I have read through the checklist above, and it seems that none of those reasons apply.” (Yes/no)
  2. Which platform are you on (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux)?
  3. Have you ever received payouts in previous months, or is this your first time?
  4. Do you have a verified wallet? That is, is your Brave Rewards wallet connected to a verified account?
  5. If you have a verified wallet , have you ever connected your Uphold account to 3 or more different devices in your lifetime? This includes previous installations of Brave, Brave on different platforms, as well as Brave-Beta, Brave-Dev and Brave-Nightly versions.
  6. If you have a verified wallet , did you ID-verify using an ID from a region that is unsupported by Brave Ads? For example, even if you live in the United States, did you verify with a Kazakhstani passport/driver’s license?
  7. If #5 and #6 do not apply to you, please send me (@steeven] a PM with your brave://rewards-internals information and a small note about your issue. (Android: chrome://rewards-internals ; iOS: Settings > Brave Rewards > Wallet Creation Date > Copy Support Info .) Please copy-paste the information in text, and send via private message only.
  8. Uploading supporting screenshots of your Brave Rewards settings page is very helpful.