MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

Et malgré tout les messages que j’ai envoyé aux administrateurs je n’ai eu aucune réponse de leur part et je trouve que ce n’est pas du tout professionnel

Now I receive my Ads Payout. Thanks Brave team.

Nice. I also received mine. Normally it would take some time for them to distribute profit from brave wallet to uphold.

I still waiting my ads payout.

Nice bro :slightly_smiling_face:, I’m still patiently waiting for mine.

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dear brave,

today i received only 6.65 BAT when it was supposed to be 9.2 BAT. i hve screenshot to prove this:

where did the rest go? please advise.


Hello @gohaaron Remember cut off date is always the last day of the month 31st of May. Any Bat you got from the 1st of June will be paid next month (July 6). Once your balance adjusts you should have the difference from the 1st of June = 2.55 Bat.

Hi Xion,

Ok thanks for the info. duly noted. by the way y does it still show 9.2 pending? thats not the correct balance is it?

How many hours ago did you receive your payment?

You are welcome @gohaaron.

Please note, If your account is verified and when estimated pending Bat balance is sent directly to uphold account, it will not show in the browser log. That log is for unverified browser wallets.

Still not able to claim!!

Hi good day…
Sorry im new here…
I started last May 2020.
How to claim my bat token

thank you.
I already verified uphold member and link in my brave browser.
Thank you…

oh i see… kinda confusing isn’t it… well thanks again for ur help! :slight_smile:

Hello @Jayson. Please note, payouts are still ongoing, I’m waiting for mine too. The support team will be available tomorrow to assist further, if need be. Worry not, there’s quite a few who are still waiting for their pays as well.

It’s my pleasure @gohaaron :slightly_smiling_face:

ok thank you… soorry im new here. im Really curious how brave browser really working. :slight_smile: my fb friend told me to try brave browser and get some token for free…

@jayson . You are welcome friend :grinning:, I’m fairly new too.


Good morning all. Know that I share your concerns …

I’m having the same problem, but the support team couldn’t find a solution

I am waiting until this hour. I did not receive a payment.