MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

Refresh, restart if need be. Make sure you using latest Brave version

Yes I have 1.9.76 chromium 81.0.4044.138 64 bits

That’s normal. the system is preparing for the next payout date. It’s always going to change on the 6th on the 6th if that makes sense.

But no claim option???

Your balance is still the same. Once claim option is available and you claim your balance will adjust accordingly.

Now I have received all the amount!! 3.45 BAT :slight_smile:

Wow nice @Alewoolf. I must be next. Admin/Support, please.


I don’t know when will I get my amount.

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Bro, I can feel it now.

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For 1 of my PC i got reward, without claiming it, but strange amount of BAT, less then was calculated before 30 of May.
For a second PC I got a message to claim reward, once I opened a new tab, but once I clicked on it and dragged the logo in a proper container, it said that something went wrong, try again later, but this message didn’t reappeared at all…
I wonder what’s going on there.

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Still refreshing… Still the same.

Still I am also refreshing.

I’m hopeless. Neither I received a payment on May 5 nor will I receive it today. There is no action again. There is no change in both my computer and the phone. :expressionless:

Hello! Same thing here. No claim button (either May 5th nor Jun. 5th) In my Andriod device the button appeared without issues, but in my windows laptop it doesn’t.
I’ve checked and the Brave version i’m using is the latest.

Now my Mac shows the payment date on August 6, not even July. No any payouts for May.
Some kind of tricky game happens with Brave server I presume. I do hope brave support will fix this up soon.

Same here, I am also not yet receive. I m also hopeless. This is not good for Brave reputation.


They also know that we will not leave the project. If another browser does this kind of project right now, I would definitely go. But there is no alternative right now and they play this trump card very well …! :expressionless:


Waiting in this way is annoying. When will the support team solve this situation? There is a button on my Android phone but I don’t accept why it doesn’t work in my wallet

I’m still waiting for a solution to the claim button not working on android since last month! please help… @steeven I already sent u a dm with no answer.

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Thanks to the Windows section, most, if not all, lay down. But the problem of not being able to click the button on my android phone continues.