Megathread: June 2020 Publishers Payout

You’ll be able to withdrawal it. This one @Bree :point_up::sweat_smile:

@steeven you pay me 99$ when the estimated payment was 127$ this is ridiculous

@luvifranawe you can’t calculate it like that. See your statement for details.

When it’s confirmed, you get paid in BAT following the BAT price at that time. And because it’s fluctuate, you’ll not received the same amount of BAT for each confirmed referral.


thanks for telling me to see “statements”, now see this mess @eljuno

17 confirmations from Group 1

In my STATEMENTS is a total mess…
I have my 17 corfirmations spread across all groups:

7 confirmations in Group 1
2 confirmations in Group 3
3 confirmations in Group 4
1 confirmation in Group 5
4 confirmations in Previous Groups

This not make sense, Brave needs to fix this problem.

WOW @eljuno @steeven look this, I have the same problem, My Referral stats show 20 referrals in Group 1 but my Statements stats are different, only 9 confirmations in Group 1 and the rest of my confirmations in the other Referral groups.

Brave paid me less this month than you should and this is the proof!

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@steeven @eljuno
so that direct message, they are blind or they do not see the little people complaining about the same, fix those problems as quickly as possible so we can continue to advertise them quietly

and just in case if I have the same problem that the confirmations have not been credited and I have been with the same problem for 2 months

and if they delete the message I will publish it again and if they close my account I will go and create another one and write them the same message


Greetings, I publish again because they have not solved my problem, please answer my questions, according to what they said if the bat, they were not accredited or paid in full, write to them, please help me to solve my reflected references, it does not agree with the accredited bat, I hope your answers @eljuno @steeven

Hello! Thanks for all you do here and for the Brave Browser. The only thing I’ve had issues with are the payouts on from my PC use in Brave. The last payout was on March 6th. I did recently receive a payout from my Android use. Thanks for that! Any help is appreciated.


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Señores de Brave solo están acreditando 1$ de BAT por referencias de cualquier grupo que sea por favor solucionen eso :disappointed_relieved:
Espero solucionen eso es díficil encontrar referidos del grupo 1 y 2 y 3 y solo me están dando 1$ de BAT por cada 1 de ellos :sob:
Gracias Brave solucionen eso por favor


payouts still in progress or? I saw that known message about 2FA reset in publisher account during payout generation (even I did not reset it)

@steeven Greetings, since April I have been working with the brave referral system, and second what I managed to raise gave a total of 75 at least! and I only pay 25.52, would you like to know why? Please ask for help, since the people who recommend the platform are also wanting to know if it is reliable to continue generating referrals! waiting for a prompt response from you! @steeven

Hi all - if you’re encountering an issue with your payment, please DM me the email linked to your account and I can best help from there. Thank you.

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please check your DM

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@steeven its me second post, please reply me.

Hello, a cordial greeting, I come to present my problem, it is the same as this, I have 5 friends that I have invited to brave, they are from the USA, and they have only accredited me 2, I have since April 23 waiting for the remaining bats to pay me , and they have not, which at that time cost less. I await your prompt response, thank you very much.


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Hello @steeven @,

I’m Japanese user. I haven’t received payout since Nov last years.

This is mypage.

This is mypage after clicking blue arrow on above image.

A verified PayPal account has a properly registered bank account. Why not ? Could you please tell me how to receive payment? Many Japanese users have encountered same situation as mine.

I am poor. So I want to get money as soon as possible. If not, I will lose my apartment.


Wow nice… your BAT 22k so much… If can tips me some my YouTube channel. >.<

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I joined Brave from September 2019. I have actively shared Brave with many people! I have been locked out since February 2020, I always believe Brave will consider opening an account for me. I am 53 years old and limited by language. I pledge not to make mistakes by accidentally making language and age restrictions! Please help me!

My June Brave Publisher Payment Proof,

Thank You Brave Publisher Team :+1: :partying_face:
See you next month

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I have invited more than 20 people, mostly from Brasil, in may and got no payout in June.

What should I do?

Can send some tips for my channel for support sir.
Please we
Eco Freedom in youtube :slight_smile: