fails to display window selection popup


Brave has been working very for me with google G Suite applications - docs, sheets etc - and working well doing live video chats via

But there is a button to present your screen to the video meeting. When I click that, it comes up with two options: “Your Entire Screen” or “A Window”. When I click one of these, Chrome will present a popup which allows me to choose which screen or window I want to present. Chrome gives me a new window for the popup, I can drag it outside the original browser.

But Brave never presents this popup. I have Brave shields turned off entirely for and still nothing appears. That makes Brave unusable for Google Meet video presentations.

Any ideas, please? I’m using Brave on a retina iMac, High Sierra 10.13.5.


Hi @emrys57,
This sounds similar to several other issues we’ve had reported:

Know that the team is aware of the issue and it will be addressed! Thank you for supportin Brave :slight_smile: