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This is related to issue in logging into while using 3rd party auth provider, e.g. Google, Facebook, etc. In particular this report (and workaround) is when using Google ID.

The steps to reproduce the bug are as follows:

  1. You get a link to an article, say, that redirects you to site. When there, they encourage you to sign-in and you decide that you might as well. You click on the Sign in link on the top right side.
  2. You are taken to page where you can chose the auth provider and you choose google. (This bug report assumes that you have already created a medium account using your google id prior.)
  3. You are taken to google site where you verify your identity and then you browser is redirected back to medium website to the article that you were reading. However, you notice that the Sign In didn’t work since the Sign In link still is as it was.
  4. You try and check it by hitting refresh on your browser that does not help. You also click on the sign-in link again and go through the steps 2 and 3 above and you are back to where you started.

@isasftw’s answer in the thread Login suggests to allow third party cookies in both the auth provide (in this case google) and medium.

The point of this bug report is confirm that, at least in case using Google ID for auth:

  • the login issue still happens and that
  • you can workaround the problem by enabling the 3rd party cookies only on the Medium site. This could be important as presumably one visits the ID provider sites (e.g. Google) more often than Medium.

Issue might well be a issue with the sites in question (medium and google), however even in that case a good resolution to this bug might be to identify the specific cause of the problem so that the subject sites can consider different/standard ways to do their security handshake.

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