McAfee True Key

Hi guys. After joining Brave and having used McAfee (recommended by HP, so I got it and pay lots for everything because if you don’t pay the freebies give you fleas). I get a message when trying to add True Key, that Brave has NOT VERIFIED the app and stated it is a security issue.

Previously, I had not signed into the brave community and when installing True Key, it added it to Brave, but then turned Brave into Chromecast, while Brave graphics remained the same. It worked great and I didn’t know a thing. It kept every site good and bad which I used to check security settings. Later when opening Chrome on a different device, all the suspicious website searches showed up on Chrome!

That said, when I left the Brave browser I always clear the entire history for all time. Not hiding tracks, but checking security settings only to find every site was stored on browsers on other devices and often I did this when devices were NOT synched (to check that!).

So my actual question is this. does Brave have a security extension for True Key?

Apologies but I’m not entirely sure I understand what it is you’re asking here – are you simply looking to add this extension to the browser?

If so, simply follow the link and add it to the browser :slight_smile:

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