mBank annoying - device not recognized

There is such bank as mBank in Poland that allows to have 10 trusted device. Unfortunately Brave browser doesn’t handle it well. Constantly I’m getting from error “We have not recognized this device” and I need to authorize it again with 2F…
I must say that it never happens in Chrome or Opera.
I’ll be happy to give more details if You need any(support/dev).


Hi, I don’t have an mBank account to test, but just guessing

  1. Are you hitting a limit of 10 devices, maybe remove a few?
  2. Does disabling shields and/or fingerprinting) help?


  1. mBank has limit to 10 devices…but annoying thing is that I can remove all authorised, add Brave, come back from this Brave next day and mBank says - not recognized.
  2. Nope.
    Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi are ok but Brave not unfortunately.

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